Not liking your bag, change it the way you want

Women accessories are as essential as their outfits. They cannot rely on the any of the brands with is not compatible with their personalities. When once a bond is created between a woman and a brand it is hard to break that conviction. I only believe in Colette By Colette Hayman Voucher Code from SuperSaverMama as they stock in the new collection of bags, pieces of jewelry and other accessories every week. They do not have retailers chain but a standalone store which is making their brand strong in the market. Their versatile range lifts all the ladies higher in the fashion and style. Recently they have introduced their switch and swap range in which one bag can change into three different looks. Do you know how?

This is their first and foremost range of customizable bags which features two style bags one is tote whereas the other one is cross body bag but you are getting 3 in 1 bag. You just need to switch and swap their upper case. The interchangeable covers allow you to swap the way you like. Even if you are not able to decide on colors of the bag while shopping it, with switch and swap range you can change your look each and every time. The collection comprises of the following bags,

Zoey Zip 3 in 1 Cross Body

A fascinating bag with gold-tone hardware and it can be styled into three different ways that are natural with star, black croc texture and rose gold saffiano. The flap can be changed from zipper closure and has the magnetic dots help secure folds. You can style it for your different outfits.

Steph Cover 7 in 1 Mini

With detachable shoulder strap, you can style the single handbag into seven distinguish styles. Interchangeable covers include rose gold saffiano, pink saffiano, ivory croc texture, ivory saffiano, tan up and black saffiano. This switching is secured by press studs allowing you to have a perfect finish.

In both the cases to switch to a new cover simply peel off the cover from magnetic button closure or the zipper closure. Repeat with the cover you wish to carry. Colette By Colette Hayman Voucher Code offers you the variety of customizable and interchangeable bags at a very limited price so that you can enjoy the fun.

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